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COVID-19 Return-To-Play Guidelines

*PLEASE NOTE: Wavier and Health Assessment form MUST be completed and returned to the organization prior to the return to play.

The Sidewinder Lacrosse organization has developed Return-to-Play Guidelines that will be implemented for training sessions. These guidelines will require a cooperative relationship between the organization, coach, parent, and player.

The organization and coach's must create a safe environment, and the parent must make the decision for their child to return to play. If, as a parent, you are not comfortable in your child’s return to play, then you should not do so. Training is a choice, and the organization will not make any judgment on any personal decision not to train. Finally, players must be responsible to adhere to and respect the social distancing requirements and guidelines that we have established.

Sidewinder Lacrosse supports each family’s decision to when they are comfortable returning and look forward to seeing our players whenever that is.